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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 3, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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the two. the us. i do all the while companies finance to say much for it and kept in comanche and tokyo russian forces are tightening their grip on the economist ukrainian republic of crimea. they're ordering ukrainian troops to leave their basis and are demanding that the selectors cement that. russian leaders say their forces and intended to protect ethnic russians in the region some tree intensive round of the bay south of the administrative center. since the local. one witness said they demanded that the ukrainians give up
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control of the facility pressures interfax news agency quoted a source at ukraine's defence ministry said the commander of russia's black sea fleet has issued an ultimatum cemented what face a military assault but in a bag says the russian navy official has denied the report the russians intervened after protesters and forced a former ukrainian president or yanukovich for mom says. but again lots of support from people in a tiny at hq and use the camera out reports from it since the wrongful the simplest is how to ride the boat and sent a thank you view these echoes the region sees friday. they are somehow surrounded ukraine and the thirty bases. but the atmosphere is intended to be cotton content is a tax penalty is that i was just a few days ago. many people share of weapons the presence of ross and troops. and i see many know sometimes i do that
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in time. ranieri is on policy covering me the ring about sixty per cent of its premium rate stands out at the very awesome. many tell me that he and his head low of nine years integration into the awesome privilege they know that johnny the european union. the story of what we support russia we support in any way we can the us the ultra text layer and with my hands. i'm still in good shape the key the teacher instructed to carry you call and call roster. it's awesome and bits of russia's black sea free some ukrainian causes him to be effecting is the process the top navy commander has strong regions. suzanne o'connell s ukrainian government. in the meantime
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the country's indian government has not choose to draw some causes of you dating and oak pine crime you is it because of taxes and a vehicle on their fault reason westbound name sounds seem to be united in some parts of ukraine. usa today of stents kerry has won the moscow russia may be able to save crimea. but in the and russia will isolate itself. he's heading to cheer for these pastimes rees government of shows on tuesday. as a kind of long continuous beings the west and us. some express say this to be the most dangerous mind you up with history since the end of the color the wall. tuesday so now it's two hours stephen awful crime year foreign ministers from across the european union has issued a warning to aggression needed staff told them to withdraw their troops or face
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sanctions. this is from twenty eight member states met in brussels the eastbourne posse chief issued a statement as saying that his actions violate international law. catherine ashton city officials will review times. if the russians don't win friends call us at some new mandates that was cautious about putting more pressure on russia. fearing the situation could escalate ambassadors from the nato countries and getting together for an emergency meeting. representatives from all twenty eight member countries will take part just days after another meeting on the crisis those from poland's requested these topics. the nato treaty says the party's focus on together whenever one of them feels their security is threatened this time now for delays in and business news the week i itch and i could more easily thing that talking about this situation in ukraine leaders of the west are threatening sanctions against russia and quits the ukraine's are wondering about financial support. yes and actually japan might be able to help that they are by discussing
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it right now. in fact the finance chiefs of japan in the us there are also working on a plan to help ukraine and calm financial markets. they want to keep the debt strapped country from going bankrupt. finance minister tom also discuss the matter in a phone call with us treasury secretary jacob lew. they spoke after the group of seven industrialized countries issued a statement pledging strong financial backing. aso and they'll agree to work out the details to look at studies by the international monetary fund imf officials are considering contests respond to a request for aid from ukraine's internal government. international finance officials see this move by japan in the us as an attempt to soften the impact on the situation on the world economy. all investors across the world are becoming increasingly worried by mounting tensions between ukraine and russia. losses on wall street falls falls in asia and europe on monday
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the dow jones industrial average lost on more than nine tenths of a percent to end at sixteen thousand one hundred sixty eight when the outlook on japanese markets let's go to uni in the appetite the stock exchange that feeling when you see at the start of the trading session the morning on downstairs selling shares in the last thing at the opening levels when she is the much fun. he is now down to zero point six nine percent at forty two thousandfive hundred and fifty one and that's after you started this week with a loss of one point eight percent on monday hitting their lowest level in one and half weeks and the broader topix is now lower by zero point seven three percent so and the negative side to the trading session today due to concerns about the situation in ukraine. and it ensures that have boosted commodity prices. russia is the media as an ex partner
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and political conditions caused a few tears on wt i could boil two cents to the highest level in five months natural gas prices also saw a giant duty you as my kid hours prices on me and crying. also most of the highest level in six months as ukraine is a leading export of both beans and that's those are also choosing to buy seize the assets and this time of uncertainty. gold futures climbed to the highest level since late october. market players are also buying the yen as a safe asset and teens need you can see since you can see that. only then is not at one hundred and one point five three to four. it has required that her idol from the ball wide and one point two with tt on monday that the yen is due to the beach trial and you see us present as rooney's appetite has decreased and a euro is also under selling
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pressure at the bottom of the speed we can see that you don't get is now at one hundred and thirty nine point three four two three seven sony is trying to make one team to head share prices of japanese acts or against city animal protein to keep track of my kids in japan. i have lots of asia to update the ci re doing things a lot for that update that was killing me from the tokyo stock exchange with the nikkei and the topics are both down he's down by more than half the precincts. executives at u s automakers have been battling some frosty headwinds facing cold weather cause sales in february to fall from a year earlier for the second month in a row researchers at on adidas a firm sold less than one point two million vehicles down about two hundred and ninety units. they attribute the decline to a record cold snap and heavy snow. they say the weather kept customers away from dealerships in
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the eastern and midwest regions. sales for general miners were down one percent force figures fell six percent. japanese maker toyota sales were down more than four percent and honda's numbers declined by seven percent. most analysts agree the sliding sales are only temporary. but some are concerned about the impact of the situation in ukraine. oil prices they're worried it will affect the outlook for the us economy and car sales as often on business ms ali with another attack on the markets. the china's yuan
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to one news agency says police have captured the three remaining south bank said in a knife attack the gang burst into railway station on saturday and killed twenty nine people the wankers officials in the security ministry as saying eight attack is splash people and can mean station in south western china. police shot and killed four of the attackers beat a team to another person. the basic a fish as they now authorities have arrested three other people they'd be looking for chihuahua points for that matter with the weaker team that led the group the news agency did not provide details of the attack. i didn't mention any notice
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the southern china's legislature the national people's congress of the painterly help their plans for the year ahead of her complaints about corruption in the gap between rich and polite and france to the environments. mix all of this china's economy continues to twelve presidential campaign and his administration are pushing ahead with reforms as a team for long term stability. one insight and analysis on weekends. one of the series and china will to reform an age heroes from jakarta is covering this story in and they should in today's china's biggest annual political event kicks off right here in the capital and preparations are fully underway. one of the biggest concerns right now its security as thousands of representatives of dr here in beijing. there's even a bigger security presence because of this weekend's deadly attack in the southern city of twenty. isn't that what i saw around the meeting venue. the main square in the center of teaching is also the center of political power. i've read it to
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the west is the great hall of the people would just once a year china's biggest issues i put forth prioritize and discuss. this composition egos and gathering in that building in a few days from now to determine the country's future direction. and security all around tiananmen square has been tightened up. it's a clear sign that the government is not eating anything to chance. extra police and military personnel have been deployed around the great fall in tiananmen square which is a popular tourist destination. only deals with prior approval or allow them to the sweet home but even they have to have their belongings checked and screened at the entrance like a security check at the airport the eye the national people's congress is the country's legislative assembly. among its responsibilities i have a
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team that residents in enacting laws and policies for the coming year. the two teams annually at the beginning of march about three thousand delegates gathered from across the country. include representatives from the military provincial governments and people from many walks of life. to wrap up a meeting around the middle of march the first day the premium always delivers a speech such as when she uploaded last year it'll ease of goals and policies in a wide range of areas like beak on any social welfare and environmental protection. in the congress also approves the budget for the coming fiscal year insomnia is an often chooses the government's key personnel and deals with structural reforms. according to state run chinese media is all going to be about deepening the reforms the late eighty s in the year that just passed two and a determination of this the administration for its needs is a look at some of the big issues to watch out
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for. the focus of this year's national people's congress is on how old she administration's reform proposals will be. while boosting economic growth china has put off sold in various problems. as a result many chinese are growing more frustrated. we're. they are becoming especially concerned about environmental issues such as air and water pollution. beijing has pledged to reduce the potentially lethal air pollutant known as pm two point five. authorities say that by two thousand and seventeen. the substance will be twenty five percent less than the level in two thousand and twelve. it's already started aggressive measures including shutting down some plants that pollute the air. stepping up environmental measures could slow down the economy. it's difficult to strike a balance
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experts are watching closely to see if authorities were male specific measures to protect the environment we're another focus is how the government deals with corruption among the power elite. as it increases it causes anger among ordinary chinese. as in chief jean king has said he would go after both tigers and lions this is his way of showing he will crack down on any official no matter how high many senior party officials have already been convicted a lot of people welcomed the government's firm stance others suspect it's all part of a power struggle the government is expected to face strong opposition from those with vested interests. people wonder if the government leaders are capable of exerting strong measures against such powerful figures the city
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join us on tuesday alone will take a closer look at china's environmental issues and the government's crackdown on corruption the emission of one point to him. this percentage solution six and the future. their annual national people's congress didn't she do these things is a loser challenge. it's our special coverage. utah the news red cross officials from japan and north korea had planned for the first time in eighteen months. he discussed the turn of the remains of japanese who died on the korean kennesaw and the turmoil around the end of world war two the guy gets mad and to ensure he and the china diplomats from japan and north country and joined them show them we see sin goodies
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we had with duct tape tops and indices cia atmosphere he put them on the a a pre agreed to hold another round of talks with rick ross and government officials. before that each side will discuss on the road it might be the best way to proceed with the issue of returning the remains of japanese people. daddy's red cross officials say more than thirty four thousand japanese nationals died in what is now north korea around the end of the war. the remains of more than twenty thousand have not being attacked. alas it was restarting official talks discussions have been suspended for more than ninety eight. relatives of the japanese who were abducted to north korea are watching closely. official until tuesday north korean agents kidnapped at least seventeen japanese nationalists in the nineteen seventies and eighty five people were turned in two thousand and two. she very easy to sustain that for a time that she was abducted in nineteen seventy eight. she
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looked nice. we want government officials to make sure that the talks will lead to discussions on the abduction issue. these events as relatives of the adoptees are aging and hoping to see their family members as soon as possible he called on officials to try and again she a resolution. how the families met with others from across asia and whose relatives were on sale and i sit the gathering in tokyo was the first of its kind in four years the disgust of recently bought by the un special commission which denounces the abductions as crimes against humanity. some of these in late march the un human rights calls it is expected to pass a resolution on human rights situation in north korea the japanese government will make the most important to ensure that the commission's report will be also eyes and included in the real issue. lunge on time so i came from thailand slightly in ages it down to his acts. he says his family
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has suffered years of pain and sorrow while handle it the princess and i love the fall quite cool to do report will lead to the return obama and the means. the japanese families plan to visit geneva next month with the commission's report will be submitted to the un human rights council. police in and the pakistani capital e's law mundine believe that islamic militants were behind the deadliest terror attack there in years. suicide bombings and stormed the court complex armed with guns and grenades. they killed eleven people and wounded twenty five others fan. the men and the district court building and started firing the fighting. i was inside the building. one gunman
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opened fire and then another started shooting too. they were firing while of walking they will randomly shooting at people nearby the manor and remains a judge's ruling is another's in the building inside and it's one thing to themselves. now the attack came just days after the pakistani taliban to create a temporary ceasefire the license islamic militant group in pakistan has denied any involvement. not the concerns of some functions may be ignoring the truce and age you must be said that reports from islam about. sonically the most captivating issued a statement announcing the month long ceasefire it's specifically ordered subgroups to suspend all attacks. the militant group has repeat of the time the pakistani military and police. as it tries to force the government to hold
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corporation three to nineteen states. tom. prime minister nawaz sharif to coffee stops here advocating peace talks the government of the pack studied hard bound finally sat down at the same table last month. but vocal piece was soon overshadowed by news of dots to make this an ounce the killing of twenty three security personnel retaliation they said paul the death all day all members the mutiny also space vs rights on the tribal region near the optimum boulder known as a safe haven for militants. the service predicted the peace negotiations would do. so the ceasefire came as a surprise. but now i'm doing in that period could bring stability and a sense of peace will be restored. will the bbc didn't get to that island and threatened us with the civil war. instead of talking to them the government should take
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action now. some ali's cautioned that other than to simply use the ceasefire to buy time. with an open book is but it's not unexpected how could they received in a beacon of peace and an aunt an offer this time. i think in the market for more time to dive to the tube instead he said to have connections to al qaeda. the scottish government faces mounting pressure both at home and abroad to deal with the militant threat the psyches of that and it's the lord is the mosque you do still struggling with. he told its citizens to whom and to proceed. it repeats. she will come. he was indeed so
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don't open til tuesday. from boeing. the world. a sign of fresh writedowns as the weather people in tokyo i seen sunny skies but feeling quite chilly. beyond this i am leaking since the latest in a world class back. things that take out when it's cold outside that you excite it's going to be preachy day because we can enjoy a nice two huskies but tomorrow is going to be a different story it's going to be stormy nationwide. we have a cup full of suspense and around the china one to the north is bringing moderate to heavy snow showers for the border of north korea and north east and china and this one will have to add the northern areas of japan and this was the sound is bringing some rain for the south western islands of japan as well as the coast of china and these systems will intensify and then picked in the looks of it and into tomorrow when talking about a lot of snow falling the northern areas conditions look at quite a ride especially in their state expecting up to thirty centimeters of snow into the next twenty four hours in one of the snow into your
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thursday and the southern areas will face a wet day recount the lap of the foundation with a cluster areas including tokyo and is accompanied by the sea conditions for traffic disturbances could happen so please be prepared for that fully lined and signed an army feeling stormy conditions due to a tropical assistant and this is now less severe tropical storm named xii has been bringing rain heavy at times. kindly send a stronger cause for the nine ins. he looks like it's gone in the back to the north so the zionists will see at the channel at heavy rainfall iowa a strong greens as well as honey laced into the next twenty four hours. ms coonan the top end to the north east from the mid part of this week to conditions that will improve that by thursday across this location and the system will likely force the west coast and the west and the moisture could affect these areas these areas. by early next week. now it's all rainy stormy across the west to
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the religion of heavy rain political scenarios and a winter storm conditions for the mountainous areas the cascades may get apt to think the sentiment of snowfall for the next twenty four hours. the coastal areas like seattle oregon and vancouver seattle and portland i should say vancouver will face a wet day with the next several days now across the fleet sign of the continent to do two one era colliding with the cold air from the north. we are still unseen stormy conditions for the south east we talking about snow freezing rain and or bring showers with the al east coast to the milk and dairy arctic still very cold arctic air to its creaking and lowering temperatures to present the gears in many places have chosen your city washington dc your hike of the mind as to decrease over the average is about to increase during this time of year nine degrees and wind down and across the western knights whether in l a sunny weather with high between the two trees on you can spank. i finally over europe
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and conditioner that suleman creating over the iberian peninsula. but there's a risk of a high of eight to be there on that day and some precipitation will be made to the mill of summer rainfall for the northern areas of the designers frolicking up for the rest of the ious more of a concern is going to be the mediterranean countries they were the least saturday there would be a beast of a pound or something. he leads forth e coli and the southern parts of the balkan peninsula the money many places in the double digits played parts in london and at the impasse that has extended forecast i do know. and. i
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know. the car. i was. that is
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all for this edition of nice forecast i do know. and. i know. the car. i was. that is all for this edition of nice wine and cheese. the us
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